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      North Philadelphia

      A vast land north of Spring Garden Street and halting at Cheltenham Township to its north, 35th Street to the west and Adams Avenue to the east.    Serving zip codes 19132, 19133, 19121, 19130, 19123, and 19120.

      In the early days, North Philadelphia was agricultural townships above the City.   The wealthy began building their mansions here and by the late 18th century, several small towns grew in population.   In the mid-19th century, urbanization took hold and with the rising influx of European immigrants and the need for expansion.

      Today, North Philadelphia is a melting pot any many sections are rapidly changing and developing.    Every neighborhood is different from the next one and there is still a ton of untapped potential.

      In regards to transportation, Broad Street roughly bisects North Philadelphia north-south. It is a six-lane arterial street that is designated as Pennsylvania Route 611. The Broad Street Line, or ‘Orange Line,’ runs along Broad Street, directly connecting North Philadelphia with Center City and South Philadelphia, as well as with the rest of Philadelphia’s public transit system: SEPTA. Source:

      Two notable colleges in the area are LaSalle University ( and Temple University (

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