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      5 Old City Shops that Will Turn Your House into a Home

      It’s been a year. The boxes are unpacked, you’ve found those new pieces of furniture, maybe even painted a few walls.  Yet your house still feels new to you and your family.

      So where do you go to find those final, personal touches that will make your house into a home? If you’re lucky enough to have made the move to Old City, there are a number of options just within your reach.

      For Your Book Nook: The Book Trader, 7 N. 2nd Street

      Whether you’ve got a comfy chair tucked away in a corner or a full-blown library, everyone needs a space to decompress with a good book. If you have shelf space you’re just dying to fill up with a few well-loved and well-worn paperbacks, give The Book Trader a try. This two-story space has every genre you can think of, not to mention a friendly, knowledgeable staff, generous store credit in exchange for book donations, and plenty of that comforting old book smell that your Kindle can never replace.

      For Your Bar Stash: Economy Restaurant and Bar Supply, 69-71 N. 2nd Street

      While you probably found the local liquor store your first day here (because who doesn’t need a bottle of wine when there’s unpacking to be done?), chances are you wouldn’t mind a fancy decanter and some glasses to match. When you’re finally ready to start hosting dinner parties again, check out Economy Restaurant and Bar Supply for affordable appliances, glassware, bar stools, and more.

      Photo of Art in the Age storefront courtesy of Quaker City Mercantile.

      Art in the Age, 116 N. 3rd Street

      A slightly quirkier option for supplying your bar, Art in the Age is a combination shop and tasting room for Quaker City Mercantile’s brand of spirits. Tasty syrups, recipe books, whiskey flasks, and other memorabilia will compliment any kitchen or bar with a slightly rustic spin.

      Photo of Arch Enemy Arts boutique courtesy of Lawren Alice.

      For Your White Walls: Arch Enemy Arts, 109-111 Arch Street

      As much as we all love color in a home, eventually everyone has to settle for a white wall somewhere. If you’re in need of some real art to spruce it up, but feel you don’t have the budget to start snooping around your local galleries, give Arch Enemy Arts a try. This Old City gallery space features both renowned and up-and-coming artists, and the work on display hits a range of price points that make it accessible for art lovers new and old.

      For Your Long-Distance Relatives: Benjamin Franklin Museum Shop, Franklin Court

      If you’ve recently moved away from loved ones, a care package from your new city of choice might help with the transition. The courtyard level of the Benjamin Franklin Museum features a shop that, while small, comes packed with mugs, t-shirts, handbags and more covered in puns by the master of wisdom and wit himself, Ben Franklin.

      Loving these Old City options but haven’t yet made the move there? Check out our most recent area listing at 205-11 N. 4th Street.

      Or if you’re in need of more recommendations on where to shop, reach out to Christina Briglia anytime at 267.231.5484 or phc(dotted)christina(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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