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      Market Analysis

      Real estate trends are cyclical, meaning that the market experiences peaks and valleys over time and that history eventually repeats itself in varying degrees.   There are seller-markets and buyer-markets, and some neighborhoods are affected differently than others.   If you look at a graph over a period of years / decades, you will likely notice a pattern.   Many try to predict when the market will take a down-turn or see an up-swing in value based on these trends.   While we do not have a crystal ball and cannot guarantee what is to come, we can make educated guesses by analyzing the history of the market in a particular area.

      Our market analysis can focus on specific neighborhoods or zip codes in Philadelphia, or the city as a whole.   An analysis will show the average sales price, inventory, and absorption rates over a period of months to years.   We will help you digest and evaluate this information, providing a clear snapshot of the market and advising in your best interest.

      Contact Christina directly at 267.231.5484 or [email protected] to request a full market analysis of an area of interest to you.