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      Maybe you want to sell your home because it’s getting too small for your growing family.  Perhaps it’s because you’ve just accepted a job in Cali.  Maybe you’re an investor looking to unload some of your portfolio.  Or maybe the reason is just a little more personal.  Whatever the case may be, we are sensitive to your individual needs. We have come to find that home sellers are looking for the same three factors to align – price, timing, and convenience.
      • Price is always top priority, especially when you need the funds from the sale to assist with your next purchase.
      • Timing is key because you have places to go and things to do, and we want to get you there when you are ready.
      • Convenience is sadly often overlooked.  We handle all details of the sale, minor to major, so all you have to do is pack (but we know a guy for that too).
      So, just how do we exceed your expectations at every turn? What makes us special? We want to share our unique and effective approach with you! Fill out a contact form or call Christina at 267.231.5484 to schedule a listing appointment, or simply ask a few questions!   Whether you want to sell this year or it’s only just crossed your mind, we can be your resource.
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