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      “Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, should also be known as the City of Neighborhoods.  There are dozens of individual neighborhoods in various sections of the city, each with its own history and personality.   If you’re not familiar with Philadelphia, you can be easily overwhelmed when choosing a place to settle down.   This is exactly why our website provides you with much of the information needed to make an educated decision.

      We’ve all heard the real estate proverb, “Location, Location, Location!”.  It’s the key characteristic home buyers consider when purchasing a property.   The location of the land your property sits upon is quite literally the only thing you cannot change in one way or another, so it’s important to know where you want to be before making the investment.

      So, what makes a location ideal?  The answer is very much personalized, as every lifestyle and family dynamic are different.   Here are some of the more common features to consider when selecting a location for your home:

      • Proximity to highways and public transportation routes (How easy or challenging is your daily commute from this neighborhood?)
      • Quality and quantity of local amenities (Will you enjoy the local stores, shops, and entertainment? Do the local amenities offer everything you need?)
      • Walkability or proximity to local amenities (How central are you?)
      • School district (Would you send your child(ren) to the local schools?)
      • Population densityand average lot size (How close are your neighbors? Do the homes in this neighborhood offer enough land for your lifestyle?)
      • Curb appeal (Do you like the overall appearance of the neighborhood?)
      • Affordability, market value, and/or growth potential of an area (Is a purchase in this neighborhood a good investment? Are the average home prices within my budget?)

      One location may or may not check off all of your boxes, which is why consulting with your realtor to find the ideal balance is so beneficial.   A local expert will focus on your most important “must-haves” to recommend the best places to get started with your search.   She will also provide guidance as you’re weighing the pros and cons of the various options you’ll consider.

      Dive into our Philadelphia neighborhood search to learn more about what makes each one special and discover the most compatible location for you!