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      A President’s Day Tour of Philadelphia

      Post by Erica Minutella

      What do you do on President’s Day? Go on a presidents’ tour of Philly, of course!

      Did you know that beyond the more well-known historical attractions in the city, Philly has a wealth of memorials to cool presidents past? We’ve rounded up our favorite lesser-known ‘national treasures’ below.

      Graff House: You’ve probably been to Independence Hall, but why not swing by for a visit to the house where the Declaration of Independence was originally drafted? Every writer needs a place of inspiration, and Thomas Jefferson certainly found his among the second floor rooms there.

      Museum of the American Revolution: If you haven’t had a chance to see the rare painting of George Washington’s war tent on display at the Museum of the American Revolution, today is the perfect day to fix that. It’s also your very last day to see it on display, as the exhibition closes Monday. So get on that!

      Rosenbach Museum: Bastion of old-timey documents, the Rosenbach Museum comes through for you again on President’s Day. View over 100 original letters written by George Washington among their collections.

      Mutter Museum: You can always count on the Mutter Museum for a morbid twist of history. See the jaw tumor of President Grover Cleveland, among other famous bodily specimens.

      National Museum of American Jewish History: Did you know that the NMAJH contains an original letter written by George Washington? Even better: it’s free admission on President’s Day.

      Philadelphia Museum of Art: You’ll get two for the price of one with a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The art museum contains a watercolor portrait of Teddy Roosevelt, as well as a dinner plate used for a state dinner on his behalf in 1903.

      Abraham Lincoln statue (1871): This statue on Kelly Drive was one of the very first statues ever built in honor of Abraham Lincoln, just a few years after his assassination. It depicts him in the midst of signing the Emancipation Proclamation.

      Would you like to know more about Philly’s attractive neighborhoods? Reach out to Christina Briglia, Realtor, anytime at 267.231.5484 or phc(dotted)christina(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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