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      End-of-Summer Maintenance for Homeowners

      Guest post by Paul Denikin

      Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned one, you quickly find out that there are never-ending checklists of things to do to keep your home in shape, especially at the end of the summer season.

      If you live in a warmer climate, your list might look different, but for homeowners living in climates that involve seasonal temperature change (especially if you have a pool) there are definite tasks that need to be accomplished in a timely manner. While there are plenty of resources out there for assistance on home maintenance tasks, let’s focus specifically on the ones necessary for the end of summer.

      Possible end-of-summer maintenance tasks:

      • Check your siding and repair or replace as necessary
      • Pressure wash vinyl siding, if necessary
      • Touch up exterior paint
      • Check roof for damage following summer storms
      • Inspect concrete and blacktop for signs of damage, repair if necessary
      • Inspect decks for damage and repairs
      • Check gutters and clean out any leaves or other debris
      • Check garage door for proper function
      • Complete any interior projects that require open windows to dry such interior painting or carpet cleaning.
      • Change furnace filters and have furnace inspected
      • Clean carpets and rugs

      If you have one or more fireplaces in your home:

      • Make sure fireplace and chimney are clean of debris
      • Clean fireplace flue and replace liners (you may need a professional for this)

      If you have a lawn, don’t forget the end-of-season yard maintenance. Here’s what your list might look like:

      • Deadheading flowers may allow for more energy to re-bloom in the fall.
      • Weed and fertilize
      • Continue watering as needed
      • Mulch for adequate protection of plants for cold months

      If you have a pool and live in a four-season region, you must close and winterize your pool at the end of swimming season. Labor Day is usually the time of year when pool owners start the process of closing down their pool for the season.

      Why is end-of-season pool maintenance necessary?

      • Possible frozen or broken pipes
      • Possible frost cracks causing damage to pool equipment
      • Increase in costs of repairs when opening pool

      If you want to save a few dollars and feel that you can do the project yourself, here’s what your list might look like:

      • Clean pool of debris and make sure levels (PH, alkalinity, chlorine, and water hardness) are correct
      • Purchase and add a pool winterizing kit
      • Lower pool water level
      • Blow lines with compressed air
      • Add pool antifreeze to pump
      • Store supplies and accessories
      • Install safety or winter cover

      Home ownership is not for the faint of heart. Avoiding upkeep and maintenance can cause major issues over time, not to mention the associated costs. To ensure that your home continues to be a worthwhile investment, keep up each season with necessary , regular maintenance. It will keep you sitting pretty when the long days of winter and the dog days of summer roll around.

      Paul Denikin is the author of the Dad Knows DIY blog, and an expert in home projects (and so much more!) Look for his new book coming soon.

      Category: Advice, Philly Homes