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      Furnish Your Home for under $2000 with IKEA’s 2018 Catalog

      Post by Erica Minutella

      Once you’ve placed the down payment on your new home, you may not be left with much of a budget for filling your new space with home essentials. That’s why we’ve scoured the 2018 IKEA Catalog for the most affordably stylish pieces available. And we’ve found a way to furnish your whole home for under $2000.

      Living Room:

      Our picks for the living room were the most whimsical choices by far. With touches of bold color, an office desk re-purposed as a TV table, and a few items stolen right out of the children’s furniture department, our style choices might be a bit much for some. But we think the first room your guests will be greeted by offers the ultimate chance to shout your personality out loud.

      Image of KLIPPAN Loveseat courtesy of IKEA • (800) 434-IKEA (4532) •

      Loveseat, Vissle yellow
      Comfy and colorful. Need we say more?
      Cushion, white/blue
      This design team hails from the 1970s, and it shows – in the best way – thanks to bright colors and designs.
      Chair with cushion, rattan, Röstånga white
      A few more laid-back pieces will balance the bolder choices in a room.
      Desk, bamboo
      Who says an office desk can’t be a TV cabinet? When designing your dream home, always look at a piece of furniture as a blank slate, and your rooms will be truly unique.
      Storage combination, white/blue, yellow
      Mix and match these storage options for the ultimate in DIY.
      Lace curtains, 1 pair, white
      Frothy and fun, who can beat curtains for $4.99?
      Wall lamp, white
      Living rooms are for decompressing and daydreaming. Why not state it with a lamp that brings the sunny sky indoors?
      Side table, white
      Simple, elegant, sturdy. What a table should be.
      Box with lid
      $9.99  / 3 pack
      We’re loving the children’s-drawing style on these boxes. Reminds us of an abstract cityscape. Perfect for newcomers to urban living.
      Tealight holder/vase, blue
      Two pieces of home decor in one.


      Modern meets rustic in our choices for the kitchen.

      Extendable table, white
      Understated personality with lots of room for guests, this table just begs for some stylish companions.

      Image of TOBIAS Chair courtesy of IKEA

      Chair, gray, chrome plated
      These translucent chairs will add a bright and clean quality to any kitchen.
      Utility cart, red/brown
      Whether you use it for your bar implements or your herb garden, this little cart will come in handy while still looking cute from that awkward corner in your kitchen.
      Chopping board, beech
      We love the IKEA Catalog’s recommendation to use chopping boards as serving plates (we’ve done it ourselves a few times). Snag a few of these for a cheese and cracker spread at your next house party.
      Glass, light pink
      Bottle with stopper, clear glass
      Mug, clear glass
      Vase, clear glass
      Translucent dishware will be a perfect compliment to your new kitchen chairs.
      Plant pot, gray
      A few down-to-earth pieces will balance the otherwise ethereal quality of your chairs and dishware.
      Dish towel, light pink, dotted
      $4.99  / 2 pack
      Some splashes of color are another nice compliment to your otherwise understated kitchen look.


      Bedrooms are for beauty sleep and the luxury of comfort. Your furniture should say as much.

      Bed frame, gray, Luröy
      Start with a simple bedframe, and go bold with the surrounding pieces.
      Shelf unit, black
      The curvaceous lines in this piece will bring elegance to your organization.

      Image of LÖVBACKEN Side Table courtesy of IKEA

      Side table, medium brown
      Darker woods and a touch of gold add depth and character to any space.
      Table lamp, gold
      8-drawer dresser, black-brown
      Always leave yourself ample room for storage.
      Table mirror, black
      The perfect companion piece to those curvaceous shelves.
      Frame, white
      Frame, gold
      Some royal frames for the most important people in your life.


      In the bathroom, always keep it simple and those cleaning days will feel like much less of a struggle.

      Image of SATSUMAS Plant Stand courtesy of IKEA

      Plant stand, bamboo, white
      We see this plant stand being repurposed as a shelf for all those tiny toiletries you need to keep handy.
      Lockable mirror cabinet, white
      Safety AND style.
      Basket, seagrass
      $9.99  / 2 pack
      Vase, clear glass


      We’ll admit we had a ridiculous amount of fun putting this list together. How would you style your affordable IKEA dream home? Let us know in the comments!

      Category: Advice, Philly Homes