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      Grays Ferry

      This lovely little section of the city from 25th Street to the Schuylkill River, between Morris St & Grays Ferry Avenue, was named for the ferry owned by George Gray that used to cross the river in this area.

      Serving its place in history, Grays Ferry was home to the Schuylkill Arsenal, which supplied military goods for the Civil War, as well as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  In the late 90s, economic and racial tensions, primarily between the Irish and African American population, gave way to violent crime. But that period in history is long gone.

      Thankfully, today’s residents are experiencing a tight knit community atmosphere where everyone is treated like family.   Many young professionals have taken residence here, as homes are still affordable (as compared with the nearby Graduate Hospital area) and proximity to several major job centers is convenient.

      In 2016, called Grays Ferry one of the Top 5 neighborhoods “everyone should be watching”.

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