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      Mindy Gulden Crawford’s Historic Pennsylvania is Like a Treasure Map For History Buffs

      “Any place that is important to you or your community that tells the history of your special place is also worthy of recognition. No one knows your story better than you. We are all responsible for caring for these places…Become an advocate for your own history…”

      These are some inspiring words that are found on the first few pages of Mindy Crawford’s Historic Pennsylvania, an impressively-sized book which offers a collection of some of Pennsylvania’s most intriguing and exciting historic landmarks. Everything from graveyards, to old railroads, Gothic cathedrals, and the famous Eastern State Penitentiary are explored within, including some unheard of stories about our home state.

      It might seem strange to recommend looking into a tour guide book when searching for a new neighborhood to move into, but hear us out: Who honestly doesn’t love living in or near a town that has a strong history? For those who love to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, Mindy Gulden Crawford’s Historic Pennsylvania  is something worth looking into because it’s as inspiring as it is informative — and fun, even for those who may not be very big fans of nonfiction.

      It’s clear, concise, well-written and had us wishing that this pandemic would just end so we could take a trip to Memorial Hall in Philadelphia and ride on the indoor carousel to relive childhood inside one of the only buildings constructed for the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition.

      And forgive us for the spoiler alert, but the Carrie Blast Furnaces, located in Rankin, PA, is a location to be gushed about. According to the guide, those furnaces “rise 92 feet in height and are rare examples of pre-World War II iron making technology(149).” During World War II alone, they produced anywhere between 900 – 1,000 tons of iron in a single day!

      If you’re looking for your next neighborhood and not sure where to go, consider picking up this guide. It’s guaranteed to contain a lead to some cool places to consider settling down. Or just ask your Philly Realtor, Christina Briglia, for help! 267.231.5484 or [email protected].

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