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      Oh, What Fun It is to Sell Your Home this Holiday!

      Post by Christina Briglia, Realtor®

      We already know that the holidays are a time for buying. You’re buying everything from decorations to food and, of course, gifts. So, why do so many homeowners find it hard to believe that people are buying houses this time of year as well?

      There is a common misconception that homes just don’t sell during the holidays. This myth is so widespread that many people will put a hold on their long-desired plans and wait another 4-6 months before attempting a sale. If you’re ready to go – mentally, emotionally, physically – then a little bit of snow and Christmas music should be the last thing to stop you!

      In this article, I’ll speak a bit about where this myth stems from and explain just exactly why it should be expelled from your mind.

      THE MYTH: No One Buys Homes During the Holidays.

      LOGIC BEHIND THE RUMORS: Everyone is too busy shopping for gifts and spending time with family to buy a house. No one wants to go look at houses when it’s cold and snowy. No one wants to move during the winter months.

      While this may describe some people, it is definitely not the norm for serious, motivated buyers to suddenly throw their hands up in defeat after a certain date. The buyers are still out there!

      THE TRUTH: You can sell your home successfully during any time of the year!


      • Serious, motivated buyers who did not find what they were looking for earlier in the year will continue to search for the right home.
      • Many times, renters are looking to become first time home buyers. Not all leases end in the summer — they can end throughout the year. This means that potential buyers are trying to secure housing quickly to fit their particular timeline.
      • Similarly, people who are being relocated for work, which can happen any time of year, must find and secure housing quickly.
      • Buyers in general are continuing to browse homes online (cup of hot cocoa in hand). In fact, internet searches are at an all-time peak this time of year.   A buyer will call their agent or stop by an open house to see a home that may be the right fit for them.
      • We are also seeing an increase in international buyers who are not affected by American holidays. Not to mention, there’s a slew of investors who are always on top of the market.
      • There is much less competition on the market with other homes for sale. The myth is good for one thing — those who still believe in it will not be in your way. With an already limited inventory, imagine the sales potential of your home if it’s the only listing on the market with its specific qualities.

      SYNOPSIS: An abundance of people are still looking and a visit from a buyer this time of year is likely to be more serious. Online exposure and activity is at an all-time high.   Competition with other sellers, who will not let go of the holiday myth, is much lower. There is also a sense of warmth and comfort evoked when touring a home decorated for the holidays. People are ultimately driven to buy based on emotion, and the holidays are brimming with feel-good vibes. Let’s face it, you’re not using that gorgeous fireplace in the summer!    Twinkling lights, cozy throw blankets, and festive décor could very well translate into a sold home.

      And let’s not forget YOUR convenience during the process. If you do not want to be disturbed on certain dates or times, especially holiday dinner, that’s OK! The benefit of hiring a reliable Realtor® is that I will make sure your needs come first and the process goes smoothly. Sorting out a showing schedule and a communication schedule will be one of the first steps.

      In the end, you want to feel confident about the results and your ability to continue down the path you’ve planned. It’s completely realistic to achieve your goals any time of year with the right realtor by your side. And it’s even more special when you get what you wished for during the holiday season.

      Warmly yours,
      Christina Briglia
      Realtor®, Coldwell Banker Preferred

      For an in-person consultation, call Christina directly at 267.231.5484 or email [email protected]
      Coldwell Banker Preferred

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