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      Philly Roadwork, Road Closings, and Big Projects for 2018

      Post by Erica Minutella

      You’ve probably seen it all over Philly. The roadwork that just exploded everywhere – all at once – this June.

      But what does it mean for you? Other than more traffic and less parking, of course.

      Let’s start with the basics.

      Philly has a few big-time projects currently underway, a few of which are predicted to extend into a several month to several year timeline. The top two to look out for?

      1. I-95:
        Projected timeline?
        A decade.
        Is anything soon to be completed?
        Areas around the Betsy Ross Bridge and the Turnpike are expected to be finished by August.
        Check out Billy Penn for a good roundup of the project in full.
      2. Lincoln Drive:
        Projected timeline?
        End of 2019.
        Where will most of the work  happen?
        Between Ridge and Wayne Avenues
        See this article by NBC10 for more on the what and why (potholes, no surprise there).

      But what will be most helpful for you, of course, is keeping ahead of the news.We’ve pulled together a list of the best resources on roadwork and traffic around Philly and PA.

      1. The Philadelphia Streets Department:
        This one may be obvious, but it’s also surprisingly up-to-date. The Streets Department website offers weekly updates on roadwork coming your way. They also have the entire 2018 plan for street improvements available on the site, as well.
        For weekly alerts:
        For the big picture:
      2. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation:
        Their website offers an interactive map of road and bridge construction for the entirety of PA. For those who want the really big picture, go here. They also have ongoing alerts about road closings, updated several times daily.
        Road Closings:
        For anyone who’d rather not get their information directly from the Man, there’s always They update traffic and construction alerts several times a week.
        Traffic Alerts:

      Now, what else can I do to improve your Philly experience? As a local realtor, I’m always looking to find out about news, events, upcoming projects, (and the best listings!) to make your life here, better. Reach out, anytime, to Christina Briglia, Realtor: 267.231.5484 or phc(dotted)christina(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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