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    Top News in Philly Development: August 2018

    Ever feel like Philly changes so fast you can’t keep up? No sweat. We’ll be bringing you our favorite articles from the month on Philly development – North, South, East, and West. See below for a roundup of all the best local articles from July news.

    What do Philly renters want most? Private laundry, air conditioning, parking
    The Inquirer
    When: July 9, 2018

    Philadelphia has 2,172,896 parking spaces. So how come you’re still circling the block?
    The Inquirer
    When: July 12, 2018

    Study: Philadelphia Among Top 10 Most Undervalued Cities Based On Livability
     CBS Philly
    When: July 13, 2018

    Philadelphia ranks among top 25 cities for outdoor space
     The Inquirer
     July 16, 2018

    Where Does Philadelphia Rank Among Best Cities For First-Time Home Buyers?
    Where: CBS Philly
    When: July 17, 2018

    Philadelphia ranks 31st among the 50 U.S. cities with the most million-dollar real estate listings
     The Inquirer
    When: July 23, 2018

    How North Broad Renaissance is rejuvenating a neighborhood
    Where: Philadelphia Business Journal
    When: July 24, 2018

    Deed to George Washington’s first White House in Philadelphia belongs to Ambler real estate agent
    The Inquirer
    When: July 28, 2018

    Fewer properties are on the market around Philadelphia, but they’re selling fast
     The Inquirer
    When: July 30, 2018

    Do you have questions about Philly’s changing neighborhoods and real estate trends? Reach out to Christina Briglia, Realtor, anytime at 267.231.5484 or phc(dotted)christina(at)gmail(dotted)com.

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