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      Top News in Philly Development: June 2021

      Ever feel like Philly changes so fast you can’t keep up? No sweat. We’ll be bringing you our favorite articles from the month on Philly development – North, South, East, and West. See below for a roundup of all the best local articles from May news.

      Real Estate Trends and Market Updates:

      What Will Happen to Center City if Commuters Never Return?
      What: Though vaccine rollouts are on the rise, many offices remain closed, with workers continuing to type away at laptops accompanied by (sometimes!) cats at home. What will this mean for the future of businesses in Center City, and what changes can we expect to see in Philly? Check out Phillymag’s article for an in-depth analysis on the current work culture, and how COVID 19 continues to shape society as we know it.

      Build-it-yourself ‘kit’ houses popularized by Sears endure in the Philly region
      Where: The Philly Inquirer
      What: Dating all the way back to the 1920s, the Sunbeam, Americus, and Lexington models of “kit” houses by Chicago-based Sears Roebuck & Co. remain treasured by Philly homebuyers to this day. Did you know that there are websites about these homes that are devoted to discussing some of the features, and include catalog illustrations and tips for identifying “authentic” houses? The Philly Inquirer goes into depth about the phenomenon of kit houses and how they’ve inspired their own fanbases in Real Estate.

      How to Avoid Overspending in this Hot Housing Market
      Where: CNBC
      What: The housing market right now is hot, and CNBC has some tips on how to be careful with your budget while looking to purchase a new home.

      Housing Market 2021: What to know if you’re looking to buy in the red-hot Philly Housing Market
      Where: 6ABC
      What: It’s no secret that the 2021 Philly housing market is intense right now. Homes are selling up to 81 percent faster than in previous years. 6ABC has reached out to lead finance and real estate experts, to give the scoop on what to expect in terms of inspection availability, and how to prepare yourself in such a competitive market.

      Philly Council Passes Tougher Air BnB Regulations
      What: Own an Airbnb or plan to own one soon? The Philadelphia City Council has just passed a new legislation with stricter regulations to help improve transparency around short-term rentals, like those found on services like Airbnb or Vrbo.

      Openings and Up-and-Coming Development Projects:

      Vegan Philly Cheesesteak Shop Opens on Hull Street in Manchester
      What: The Philly Cheesesteak signature continues to evolve as a new Vegan shop has just opened up — offering Cheesesteaks free of all animal byproducts! Check out this cool new shop in Manchester, which will feature an event and cafe space upstairs!

      The Arts and Architecture:

      Concierge Auction’s Real Estate Films Garner Nine 2021 Telly Awards
      What: The Telly Awards, an annual award ceremony celebrating film has once again recognized Real Estate films. Concierge Auctions won nine Telly awards — with one film featuring The Arbor Hill in Philly, which won the 2021 silver Telly for Non-Broadcast Aerial Cinematography!

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